Baltimore Cricket & Social Club

Trophy WCL Championship WCL Division II Champsionship
Year 1979,1990 2011

About BCSC


Baltimore Cricket & Social Club was formed in 1975 by a group of Jamaican cricketers as an

organization that fosters the game of cricket in the community. The organization has since

evolved into a multicultural entity attracting members from various cricket playing cultures,

including the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia, India, Pakistan and England.

     The club joined the Washington Cricket Leagu​e (WCL) in 1975 and won its first league

championship in 1979. BCSC has produced several players that have been selected to the USA

nation team. and over the years has remained a formidable competitor and has won several

awards and championships, most recently in 2011. ​ 

BCSC is more than a cricket club, in addition to playing cricket the organization actively contributes and/or sponsor charitable endeavors within the community, host out of town trips and social activities.